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  Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Grizzle Fellfarbe


The coat color of the Norwich Terrier can be red, black and tan, wheaten, or grizzle.
White markings are not accepted for show dogs

The Norwich Terrier has two coats, a harsh, wiry topcoat and a soft warm undercoat . The coat is hard and straight which is around 1  to 2 inches in length and lies close to the body along with a noticeable undercoat.

The hair on the neck and shoulders is longer than the rest of the coat, which is short and smooth with eyebrows and whiskers.

The neck of the Norwich Terrier should be strong and blend well with the shoulders. The topline should have good  with well-sprung ribs. The tail should be docked. Shoulders are laid back with elbows close to the ribs. The feet are round with thick pads and black toenails.

Norwich terriers require regular maintenance to keep a consistently groomed coat. They should be brushed or combed weekly. These terriers are usually "stripped" twice a year. "Stripping" involves pulling out the dead outer coat by hand or with the help of a stripping tool. While not recommended for the adult Norwich, clipping is certainly acceptable when your dog reaches the senior years. The Norwich coat is fairly dirt resistant, which means bathing is limited to either odor or skin problems. During weekly combing or brushing also check your dog’s ears and eyes to make sure they appear clean and dry.


  Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Fellfarbe black and tan
  Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Weizen Fellfarbe
  Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Rote Fellfarbe

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