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Neighborhood Schlei

Sundown in Jübek

Thatched houses

Landscape at Jübek

Runnel in our garden

Who we are  &  where we live

Since 2007 my husband and me together with 7 Norwichs and one male cat live in a small town called Jübek in the far northern part of Germany.  There is a lot of water around: North Sea in the West and Baltic Sea in the East, around 25 km driving distance each way. We have rivers and lakes in the vicinity to travel  by boat or swim together with our dogs. The beautiful  landscape is attracting many guests.

Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Haus in Jübek


Jübek is situated about 25km south of the border to Denmark and roughly 150km north of the city of Hamburg.

Even pigs are pleased to spend their holidays in the small houses you can see on the photo.


We travel to the shows in our coach which means all our dogs can go with us. Nobody is left behind. My husband Heinz drives our mobile home along with being a wonderful back-up handler, back-stage manager, care taker and my supporter.



Visitors are welcome. Please give us a short call before.

Blick in den Garten Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Bungalow in Jübek Rankpavillon Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Heidi am kleinen Teich auf der Terrasse Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Hundebadestelle in Jübek

Our runnel

A view at our house from gardenside

View into garden

Terrace with little pond

Our swimming lake

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