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Fleetwood Mac's first show




Mac's first exhibition in Junior-Class with following results: Jg.CAC, Jg. VDH, BOB

Practical Jokes - Norwich Terrier - Mac first show







Cindy's puppies are born. She has casted her first puppies, 1 girl and 2 boys, all coloured black and tan. Day of birth: 21.03.2009





Showresults 2008 with our Youngsters

Cindy Windermer of the Wild witches

A prosperous year 2008 for Cindy. We exposed Cindy 6 x in Junior-class. She got 4 x V1 with Jg-CAC and 3 x BOB's, 1x Saarland Jugendsieger, 2 CACIB and one 3. in BIS, also 2 x V 3. Results in Intermediate-Class (4 shows) : 4 x V1 with CAC and 2 x CACIB and 3 x BOB.

Practical jokes Daily Sunshine

We exposed Daily 6 x in Junior-class. She got 4 x V1 with Jg-CAC and 3 x BOB's also 2 x V 2 Res.-Jg-CAC. In Intermediate-Class (1 show) result: CAC with BOB.

Dancer Grand Villa Rose

Dancer, we call him Dany, came to us when he was already 7 months of age. Even most was new for him. He intigrated very well and manged his first exhibition with following results: 3 times Junior-class: 2 x V1 with Jg-CAC and 1 x V 2 with Res.Jg-CAC.


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