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Cordially welcome on my homepage .

You are intending to have a puppy and you are interested in a Norwich –Terrier?

Into my website I put all in my opinion important information about Norwichs to make you familiar with this loveable race.
Our dogs are a part of our family and living in our house and the puppies grow up within our little family. In this way they are being socialized  for their future.

Our Norwichs are more than a hobby. They are a way of life!

Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Drei auf einen Streich Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-E-Wurf Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Spiele am Bachlauf Practical jokes Norwich Terrier-Tierfreundschaft Katze und Hund Norwich Terrier Practical jokes-Cabrio fahren

Our aim is to breed healthy and typical Norwichs. Quality is first, not quantity.

We are always very pleased to find new friends for our best friends.




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