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I grow up together with German Shepherds that my parents were  breeding  very successfully. These dogs were educated and trained by my father and me and most of them were used as working dogs for customs and police.




My father with Arko, Multichamp. German Shepherd

Years later in 1968 when I visited England by chance I came in contact with Norwich Terriers. I was impressed by their character , energy and appearance.


Practical jokes Norwich Terrier-Norwich in Pferdepacktasche

Norwich in saddlebag

At once I fell in love and kept them in my heart  until 2002 when I stopped  working. Now our first Norwich could come. And he came and his name is Eros. Immediately he conquered the hearts of my family, our friends and neighbours an even that of our old cat.


Norwich Terrier Practical jokes- Welpenbild Eros


In April 2004, we were lucky to add another Norwich to our crew.

For many years now Practical jokes has focused on producing quality Norwich terriers, with emphasis on Health and Temperament. Our first 'show quality' Norwich terrier was born in 2005 followed by lots of others.


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